Welcome to SPOOF!

Caller ID Spoofing takes caller privacy to the next level. With spoofing you can display any number you want as your caller ID and make calls to your family and friends and even your business colleagues without revealing your true identity. In other words, you can simply fake your caller ID!

Caller ID spoofing services also offer many other services like spoof SMS, call recording and voice changing to make your calls even more unidentifiable, professional and efficient.

Any 10 digit number within the US is available for spoofing. The best part about this that you can even choose the name to be displayed. For example, if you want to make your number to appear as 123-456-7890 and your name to appear as Paris Hilton you can do it with caller ID Spoofing!

But spoofing is not only for fun. It can have many professional uses. For eample, if you were a phsycian you could check on your patients without having to reveal your private numbers. Or if you were a lawyer or a private detective or investigator, you could easily use spoofing and the call recording services to record calls as important evidence.

Spoofing is now easier than ever before-


  • Go to your service provider’s website.
  • Select the amount of credit you want to buy and enter your credit card number, email address and other details to activate your own account and receive your PIN number and access number.
  • Call the access number and follow the instructions- Enter your pin number, the number you want to display as your caller ID and the number you want to make the call to.
  • Next, you have the option of changing your voice to a male, female or child’s voice.
  • Decide whether you would like this call to be recorded or not.
  • Make your call!

This process is simple and easy and is quite similar to a pre-paid calling card.

Most caller ID spoofing service providers also have web interface, making services like recharging your account and listening to previously recorded calls available through the internet.

Service Providers

There are many caller ID spoofing service providers in the US like

The best thing about SpoofCard.com is the free call you can take to test the service. Yes, it is absolutely free!

Here are some great prank call ideas for you to try on your friends with your first spoofed call. But you remember to cause no serious harm to the people you pull the prank on.

Call your victim and act as an engineer from the phone service company. Tell your friend there is a problem with their phone line, and that a test must be done to check the sound quality. For example you could ask them to keep saying “A-E-I-O-U” repeatedly until you tell them to stop. If you are more daring you could even get them to sing 'I'm a little tea pot'. The best part is you can record this call and play it with your friends for a good laugh.

Or you could call up a friend in summer and start singing Christmas carols. Changing your voice to a child’s voice would be ideal for this one.

You could even call up your friend and pretend to be from a TV station. Tell them their call is going On Air and that they stand a chance to win something great if they answer 3 simple questions. Use your imagination to come up with some bizarre, funny and embarrassing questions for your friends.

Is Spoofing Legal?

This is a question that has faced a lot of controversy lately. Within the US all services provided by spoofing companies are considered as legal as long as they are not used for any criminal activities. However, certain uses the card is put to may be illegal depending on the state the caller and the call receiver are located in. For example, recording a call without the permission of both parties is illegal in certain states. So make sure you are not infringing any state laws before you use caller ID spoofing services.